You’ve heard of Good Friday and Easter Monday, well just before both, we introduce…..

—– 27th March 2024 —–

A day to check that piece of equipment that tells you when to seed your crop, lets you know it’s okay to spray and gives you the confidence to throw out a bit more fertiliser.

Be it a ‘fancy pants’ weather station or a humble rain-gauge, we encourage you to get on board and dedicate this March 27th to cleaning out the cobwebs, calibrating, straightening or simply replacing your weather-station to give you the best data this year!

Our aim is simple

Agricultural technologies such as Weather Stations and Soil Moisture Probes can help you prepare and manage climatic-variability in-season. These tools help allow you to build operational and production resilience within your farming system.

To get the most out of your farm-data, it’s important to look after your equipment. Check out the resources available and log your #WebWednesday maintenance efforts below!

Project Purpose

Led by Stirlings to Coast Farmers, the digital weather & soil moisture monitoring technologies extension/adoption project builds the capability for landholders to implement and maintain these digital technologies allowing them to make adaptive, proactive farm management decisions, rather than current reactive decisions.

Backed by an impactful adoption & extension program, including interactive workshops & diverse information/training materials delivered throughout 25 million hectares of Western Australia, the project identifies methods of building drought resilience through improved weather monitoring & forecasting, soil moisture management & opportunistic land management practices. This will enable farmers to effectively manage operations season-to-season, and, most importantly, reduce impacts during & post-drought, enabling them to sustainably increase productivity & system resilience.

The Grant is being provided as part of the Future Drought Fund Extension and Adoption of Drought Resilience Farming Practices Grants program.

AgTech Resources

Weather Station Maintenance Resources

View resources from a range of manufacturers on how to best maintain your stations.

AgTech Suppliers & Support

Your complete A-Z source on agricultural technologies, and how to best integrate them on farm for improved production and resilience.

Local Weather Information

View live weather conditions for weather-stations installed under this program.

Climate & Environmental Resources

Your complete A-Z source for locally and state-based focused climate resources.

Help take part in our #WebWednesday activities and log your support!

Help build our weather station maintenance map & report your findings. 

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This project is jointly funded through Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and Stirlings to Coast Farmers.

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