Regional Drought Resilience – Community Consultation Report for the Inland Great Southern.

Resource Developed in 2022

Drought resilience is a key issue for many regional communities throughout Australia. This report summarises the key concerns arising from community consultation carried out for the inland Great Southern Regional Drought Resilience Plan.

This project was delivered by South Coast Natural Resource Management (South Coast NRM) between February 2022 and May 2022 with South Coast NRM delivering the following services: ·

  • Interviews with four grower groups, six farmer champions, and two agronomists
  • Delivery of two workshops.

The consultation identified underpinning concepts for drought resilience, with consistent communication critical and relevant to all actions. Ongoing conversations need to take place to set the groundwork and build recognition of drought impacts and what’s needed for resilience. To support this, a systems approach is needed, recognising that a farm does not sit in isolation from its surrounding catchment and community. Drought impacts are felt well beyond the farm boundaries. In delivering this approach it is important that it is collaborative and leads to both individual and community empowerment.

Discussion of information generated through consultation is presented around the key themes of understanding drought impact, drought risks, regional needs and priorities, and enhancing resilience.

The information generated through the workshops and interviews was then collated into a project list grouped into themes around three strategic priorities. Within each theme, actions are grouped around key action areas which are supported by knowledge, innovation and extension; collaboration and capacity; and related policy and planning needs.

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This project is jointly funded through Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and Stirlings to Coast Farmers.

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